Location Sound/ Field Recording

* Boom Operator
* Sound Recordist
* Sound Mixer

Post-Production Audio

* Automatic Dialogue Replacement
* Sound Editing
* Foley
* Sound Effects Creation
* Sound Design
* Mixing

Complete Audio Repair

* Eliminate hum, hiss and environmental noises from your recordings.
* Fix problems like clipping, plosives, mouth-clicks, De-breath.
* Remove unwanted echo from on-location recordings.
* Isolate Dialogue from noisy backgrounds.
* Remove Distracting Lavaliere microphone noise & other forms of rustle.
* De-Wind the low frequency energy from intermittent bursts of wind.

Post Production

* Reduce the need for ADR by cleaning up damaged & noisy audio.
* Isolate and reduce troublesome background noise.
* Seamlessly match dialogue takes recorded in different environments.

Restoration & Archiving

* Restore old mediums such as vinyl, tape and film.
* Repair stereo imbalances and phase issues that can occur.

Broadcasting and Pod-casting

* Reduce unwanted noise from location recordings or phone interviews.
* Remove distortion and signal clip from recordings.
* Ensure loudness compliance with international broadcast standards.


* Improve clarity and intelligibility of recordings.

Video Games & Toys

* Record & edit for video games
* Create sound effects & Foley.
* Sound design.
* Integrate Sound elements using F-MOD, UNITY, Wwise & UDK.
* Parameterize the audio clips reactions.

Live & Studio Sound Technician

* Sound technician for equipment management & installations.
* Recording Live concerts & Studio bands, etc .
* Assistant/ or chef mixing engineer


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