About me

 What kind of work do I do?

Post-Production Audio

* Automatic Dialogue Replacement
* Foley & Foley Recording
* Sound Editing
* Sound Effects Creation
* Sound Design

Complete Audio Repair

* Eliminate the amp hum, equipment hiss and environmental noise that can ruin your recordings.
* Fix problems like clipping, audio dropouts.
* Remove unwanted reverb and improve the quality of on-location recordings.

Video Post Production

* Reduce the need for ADR by cleaning up clipped, damaged and noisy dialogue.
* Isolate and reduce troublesome background noise.
* Seamlessly match dialogue takes recorded in different environments.

Restoration & Archiving

* Restore old mediums such as vinyl, tape and film.
* Repair stereo imbalances and phase issues that can occur during tape restoration.

Broadcasting and Pod-casting

* Reduce unwanted noise from location recordings and phone interviews.
* Remove distortion and signal clip from recordings.
* Ensure loudness compliance with international broadcast standards.


* Improve clarity and intelligibility of recordings.

Game Audio

* Record dialog for video games
* Create sound effects
* Sound design for video games
* Integrate Sound elements using F-MOD, UNITY, Wwise & UDK
* Parameterize the audio clips reactions

* Recording voice over artists for video games.
* Editing voice over artists for video games.
* Mixing voice over artists for video games.

Live Sound Technician

* Sound technician for equipment management & installation
* Assistant/ mixing engineer
* Live Broadcasting & Pod-casting
* Live Recording of concerts, conferences and other

Location Sound Recording

* Foley Recording for Films, Video Games, TV Shows & Toys
* On Set Boom Operator for (Short/Feature Films, Documentaries)
* Record Live shows, Interviews, Pod-casts, conferences.

 How much do I charge?

It varies from project to projects and the client’s budgets !

The best thing to do is to contact me in order for me to have a better idea of what you are looking for and what services are required.

What is my schedule?

Extremely flexible !
Once we have established your needs, we are able to work out a timeline and schedule accordingly.



Pro Tools 10

Reason 9.5

Cubase Pro 9

Fruity Loops Studio 9


WAVES Gold Bundle

Native Instruments KOMPLETE Ultimate 10

iZotope Nectar 2 Production Suite

 – Neutron Advanced

 – Ozone 7 Advanced

 – RX Plug-in Pack

Vocal Synth


Trash 2

RX 6 Advanced


GAMAHAË INC. Reference letter

KAYS MEJRI    Letter of recommendation

MusiTechnic - Refference Letter

What educational background do I have?

Degree: *** “Audio Production Techniques NNC.0F” ***

MUSITECHNIC  2010-2011

Sound , Music &  Digital techniques
-Over 315 hours of classroom training
-Over 330 hours of practical training
-Over 385 hours of personal work


Formation Academie de musique de Montreal, 2008-2010

-Guitar courses (over 2000 hours)
-Voice courses (over 1700 hours)



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